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Complete Story You Need To Know About Mia Khalifa

The star carrying black rimmed glasses is also a reader.

Pretty pink purse ?

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She always shares what she is reading with her fans and good for followers.


Been getting a lottttt of DM’s asking me more about this work at @savingfaceatx. This wasn’t a paid ad, this was genuinely me wanting to share with as many people as I could a solution to a vastly common issue. It’s called #hyperhidrosis and it drove me INSANE. I tend to sweat when I’m nervous, and as a D.C. Sports fan, that was A LOT. @savingfaceatx has really saved my confidence, I’m on day 3 right now and I cried this morning because I grabbed a gray shirt to wear without thinking twice about checking the weather forecast. If you need more scientific info and less “UH YEAH BOTOX CAUSE I SWEAT” like I demonstrated in this video, follow @savingfaceatx and ask!! I have decided to share every step of my treatment with the beautiful @victoriaspecializes for this issue on their page, so you should definitely follow them if you want to see more. #SavingFace #SavingGrayShirts

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Gangster Toddler Threatens Truck Driver With Knife For Blocking His Grandma’s Stall, Its Funny

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